Number 10: Scrambled Eggs with Vegetables

It’s a new year, with new…promise, I guess. It can’t be any worse than the previous year, at least. Anyway, if your New Year’s resolution is to eat more veggies, this is for you.

The Dish: Scrambled Eggs with Vegetables

Fried eggs mixed with tomatoes, cabbage, and chickpeas along with other vegetables and legumes. A highly nutritious dish.

The Research: Yes, the flavor text says “fried eggs”. Probably a mistranslation. Anyway, this is another dish that was pretty easy to research. The beauty of this one is its adaptability. The “other vegetables and legumes” allows you to add whatever the hell you want, so go crazy. I chose to add spinach, mushrooms, and black beans.

The Method: This one is pretty easy. You start by mixing all your veg into a bowl, sautéing any spinach as necessary (I sautéed mine with lemon zest, which was wholly unnecessary). If you wanna gussy up any individual vegetables, that’s your call. Season your veggie mix with salt and pepper at the minimum. If there are any other spices that would go with whatever you choose to use, put those in there as well.

Anyway, once all your veggies are ready, heat some olive oil in a large pan and drop all your veggies in there. Next, crack in enough eggs to ensure even distribution, which will depend on your veggie mix. I used 6 large eggs, which was not enough. Cook your eggs until they’re all scrambled, then serve.

The Result: As I did it, I give this dish a B-. I didn’t use enough eggs and sautéing the spinach with lemon zest made for an odd flavor combination, but it was otherwise decent and pretty dang nutrient-rich. But the beauty of this dish comes from its adaptability. Throw in whatever you want! This is an excellent pantry-clearer. If you’ve got a bunch of canned vegetables that you weren’t going to otherwise use, make this! Top it however you want. Throw on some salsa, or some avocado. Top it with cheese. Hell, put some chicken in there, I won’t tell anyone.

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