BOTW 3: Tough Meat-Stuffed “Pumpkin”

My track record recently has been pretty lousy, so it’s time to fix that with an easy one that’s mainly full of stuff I enjoy – stuffed squash!

The Dish: Tough Meat-Stuffed Pumpkin

Grants a defense boost. This hollow, meat-filled fortified pumpkin is a local specialty of Kakariko Village. Ingredients are Fortified Pumpkin and Raw Meat.

The Research: This one was pretty easy, all told. No exotic or clearly-fictional ingredients. I wasn’t able to find a non-blurry picture of the dish, so I just made it in-game to get a decent visual. Looks like Link somehow magics in some peas, carrots, and…either corn or pine nuts into his end result, and garnishes it with some basil…that, or he really likes to have no basil flavor followed by all of the basil flavor at once? Anyway, this one’s simple.

The Method: Again, simplicity is the watchword here. I cut my carnival squash (standing in for the pumpkin) in half, scooped out the innards, and roasted the halves for about 30 minutes.

During that time, I made the beef mixture. I achieved this by browning some ground beef, then throwing in some carrots, peas, and pine nuts. Thrilling! It didn’t really look game-accurate…

…but I would be somewhat disturbed if I came across ground beef that smooth, y’know? Anyway, the mixture was eventually ready, the squash was eventually roasted, and all there was left to do was fill and eat.

I also topped it with some chopped basil, but that woulda made for a boring photo.

The Result: Meh. I’m not a huge fan of carnival squash, as it turns out (my wife loved it, though). The beef mixture was really good, though – I saved some and made fried rice with it the next day. All in all, a passable and relatively easy meal.

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